Drifting, drifting.

Slowly the waves echo in my ear. 
Stellar Loussier by Hibernation Panda
Photo by: Jhe

The soft pitter-patter of the water rings gently. 
The ocean is beautiful and majestic. 
It is terrifying and immensely intimidating as well. 
As it embraces you in its velvety waters the strangling sensation comes after. 
Drifting, drifting, longing for the shore, lingering as if to stay forever.

-HibernationPanda (Dream.Alive)


Otaku Expo 140111 and 140112

Day 1

Jelly and I went to the convention after lunch that we didn't have (haven't eaten yet ahe)

Click here to watch my vlog of day 1~!

After dropping by the event, we met up with friends to eat~! (finally) ahe ahe ahe
We had a lot of fun running around timezone~
Thank you for the treat and fun times yes yes yes~

Day 2

Jelly and I joined the animax cosplay competition last year, the event was supposed to be held last November (or was it December?) anywho, it was cancelled and the competition was moved together with the Otaku Expo event.

We joined the Hunter x Hunter category!
With luck and the skills of our photographers (ahe) we got into the final 5!
Click here to watch my vlog of day 2~!

It was so fun and nerve-wracking at the same time!
It was 2005 since I went up on stage for a cosplay competition.
Nonetheless, we had so much fun seeing friends and meeting new ones.
So, thank you Animax for such an experience!

See you!



Words are insidious, they take the form of the idea that the person you’re saying them to have of it. 
Sengoku Nadeko by HibernationPanda 
Photo © I forgot ahu

Dissect them and give them thought, though at times they don’t mean that much. It may also depend on the person saying them. Words, are so complicated yet beautiful. Words have a depth to them when said correctly. Personally, I like words, I always try to discover new words that just rolls off the tongue. 
Dornröschen  by Hibernation Panda and Schneewittchen by Angel Ayanami
Photo © Z3LL Photography

Words aren't choosy, anyone can say them, you can be righteous, you can be conniving and say the same things. 


Tonari no Tsuns 【So Far】 隣のツンス


here's the url (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnaQ0h_WGrE) if the link above does not work for you 
Cosplay showcase of Tonari no Tsuns/隣のツンス up to March 2013.
Pictures are in no chronological order.
We'd like to share with you our cosplays until now.
Some our cosplays may have been a "hit or miss" but we do believe we've improved even a bit.
We hope you will support us in the future too!

Thank you to all the photographers and videographers.
Please look forward to our next Cosplay showcase!

Most if not all of us make our own costumes and props unless stated otherwise.
Visit our:

See you guys around~!

Tonari no Tsuns!

(this post may be grammatically incorrect in so many ways, I lack sleep so much, I apologize)

Tonari no Tsuns
my good girlfriends in and out of cosplay!
check out piggy's post about this too, Cosplayrune
"Tonari" literally means "Next to" or "Beside"
In this context, it would mean "Your neighbor"
Thus, Tonari no tsuns = Your Neighbor Tsuns!

Since most of us, if not all of us in our posse are tsun tsuns haha.
This group consists of:
Audrey S See

 Angel Ayanami (Jelly)

Reika Amakura (Piggy)

Hibernation Panda (me)

Faye Liper

Mimi Monster

How we came up with the name was quite random and I don't remember it that well, somehow we went from "The Wild Ones" to "Farm Animals" to TnT (ISN'T THE ABBREVIATION JUST ADORBS)


We're also trying out something new to us,
which is making cosplay videos, that showcases our cosplays!
We make our own costumes and props unless stated otherwise, therefore we wanted to showcase them, not only in photos but also in motion~!
Check us out on

We would really appreciate your support in our future endeavors!

We hope to see you around!

Update 13.03.11

Haven't been around to blog lately, computer crashed and lost some files and I felt really lazy to blog because of that~ So, here's a quick update:
View the post here

Call Home

No matter how hard life may be at the moment for you, don't give up.
It will get better at some point.
Everything will come together, everything will come to you in their time.
Life is meant to be celebrated.
Don't give up.